Course Introduction

Enterprise spends around 85% of their time on data preparation before producing a comprehensive management report. Without an understanding and adoption of data warehouse and straightforward tool to build it, this process will become more difficult and time-consuming along with the data growth.

Kettle or Pentaho Data Integration is a free open source ETL tool that runs in multi-platform environment. It has more than 140 built-in modules to handle most of data sources available today.

With such rich features and speedy development by open source community, Kettle is now a favorite tool among developers to build enterprise data warehouse.

PHI-Integration offers a 5-day course on building data warehouse with Kettle. In this course, you will learn the basic concept of data warehouse, Multidimensional Modelling, and the basic usage of Kettle.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for application developer, database administrator, database developer and business analyst who need to have knowledge of building a data warehouse.


At the completion of this course, attendee should be able to do the following.
  1. Understand the concepts behind data warehouse, Multidimensional Modeling, OLAP and ETL.
  2. Use Kettle to build simple jobs and transformations.
  3. Consume data from several data sources.
  4. Design, build and populate fact and dimension tables.
  5. Be able to troubleshoot the erroneous flow.
  6. Be able to automate ETL process.
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